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This strapless black dress is a breathtaking blend of sophistication and glamour, designed to captivate attention with its enchanting details. The mermaid shape gracefully hugs the curves before flaring out, creating a dramatic and feminine silhouette. The neckline of the dress is adorned with a sparkling crystal detail, adding a touch of elegance and drawing the eye to the décolletage. The entire dress is covered in intricate crystal flowers details, creating a mesmerizing and enchanting pattern. These crystal flowers are meticulously arranged to form a luxurious texture that catches the light, casting a dazzling and ethereal glow. The crystal flowers add depth and dimension to the black fabric, creating a stunning contrast and elevating the dress to a new level of glamour. To enhance the overall allure, the dress also features mirror details interspersed among the crystal flowers.

Underlining will be provided for the dress.


Dry clean only.

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