The House

Founded in Kosovo on December of 2009, Vlora&Kaltrina is the namesake brand established by the Kosovan designers who is now one of the leading Haute Couture Houses. The company started out as a small shop with approximately 25 meters square, run by Vjollca herself whose focus was the creation of handmade garments. Later, on April 16th 2014 the shop was transformed into an atelier this time run by the designers themselves, Vlora and Kaltrina.
As there is no shortcut for hard work that leads to success; the motivation to persist, withstand hardship, stay focused, and make continual progress towards goals made the company progress continually. In addition to that, 2019 was a breakthrough year for the company, as VK expanded to a larger number of employees, grew in the worldwide market and reached crucial agreements internationally.
As Kosovo is the youngest country in Europe, the process of expanding in the worldwide market wasn’t so easy for the company. However, the global expansion opened a lot of doors for growth to the company. The outbreak of COVID-19 was one of the major challenges the company had to go through, as the large numbers of employees were a great responsibility to the company, ever greater than the monetary loss the company had to go through at the time as a result of the pandemic.
Among the first prominent achievements of the company was the collection "Magnifique" that was realized into two parts, the collection was sold immediately, still not fully launched in the market. This collection, created during October 2019, was a major breakthrough for the company into the international market, it was during this period that the company started growing even more worldwide. Among the first countries Vlora&Kaltrina sold to are America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia .
Amidst the most significant and distinguished collection Vlora&Kaltrina have launched is “Divine” of 2022, with extraordinary feats of design, alongside next level fashion, the collection has become an iconic moment in the Couture House.
A reflection of Vlora&Kaltrina’s founding philosophy of elegant femininity, each design is delicately handmade. The pieces exude femininity, the exquisite, and attention to detail – and each beautifully mirrors women’s unique style.
At the top of the company, there is Vjollca Neziri the Owner of the brand, the Founders come next that are followed by Vlora Neziri who is at the same time the Chief Creative Officer (CCO), and Kaltrina Neziri who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company is structured into 6 departments that are as follows: Production, Design, Human Resources, Finances, Sales and Marketing.
The brand Vlora&Kaltrina is not part of a brand conglomerate, but a family business, and one that the business has been passed on from one generation to another. Starting out from a small shop of 25 meters square, to this day the company operates in 3 showrooms of 1500 meters square, two of which are Showrooms of Evening Gowns and one of them is a Bridal Showroom.
Behind this burgeoning brand stand two designers who with a combined sense of elegance and femininity, have created a Haute Couture House that is among the most distinguished and will continue remaining so in a global reach.
Vlora and Kaltrina have always strived to align their designs with the slogan – Created by Artists, Worn by You- and the company continues to lead the way with this unique combination.