Contractual Agreement


- Vlora&Kaltrina (sh.p.k), hereinafter referred to as "Vlora&Kaltrina" "VK" "The Company" or "We" in the agreement, and

- The Buyer, who purchases products from or other platforms, hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer" in the agreement.



    The purpose of the contract is to settle the mutual and reciprocal rights and responsibilities linking the parties in regards to the purchases of the products that VK offers via the website, as well as the shipping that the company offers for such products to the buyer.



      The products offered by Vlora&Kaltrina: Ready-Made, Pre-Made and Custom-Made as well as additional information regarding these products, can be found in the company's official website,


      4. PRICES

        The prices for each product offered by VK are listed on the website, therefore these prices are valid until further notice. Furthermore, VK reserves the right to offer particular discounts of products for a particular time, as seen reasonable.

        Other additional taxes or fees are not included in the sales prices of the products displayed in the website. These fees are not covered by our company, hence they shall be paid by the buyer according to the tax system of their country. The company does not take responsibility for any farther taxes or fees that may occur.


        5. PAYMENT TERMS

          There are two options regarding the payment of the product:

          1. The buyer may pay half of the price of the product when they place the order, whereas the other half of the price shall be payed when the order is ready for shipment. This is relevant to Pre-Made and Custom-Made orders.
          2. The buyer can also pay the full price of the product when they place their order. This refers to Ready-Made orders.


          Payment(s) may be realized through:

          1. Bank Cards: (a) Credit, (b) Debit 
          2. Paysera

          The payment can be done from these types of bank cards, Credit and Debit, of all banks, Kosovan and international.

          The wait time for the confirmation of the payment by the bank is not included in the period of time which we consider as the “working period in a product”.


          6. DELIVERY

            The shipping of the product will be carried out within the timetable as arranged with the buyer. As stated before, shipping takes from 3 to 7 business days. However, as our client, you can also come and pick up your order in our stores.

            The company will make sure that all the purchases will be produced within the timetable arranged with the buyer, we also do assure that the product given to the courier will be damage free and ready to be shipped. The moment the order is shipped out, we will provide you with tracking number, as soon as possible.

            However, the company is not responsible for any delays, non-mailings or any damage arising during the shipping of the products by the courier companies, nor will we be held accountable for any problems faced with the delivery companies



              Each Party hereby represents to the other Party that all representations contained in this Agreement are true and accurate, and that such representations are deemed to be given or repeated by each party, as the case may be.

              Thereupon, the buyer acknowledges and states that they are familiar with the terms of the contract, pricing and payment methods, as well as the delivery policy for our products and services, subject to our agreement. In addition to that, shall confirm that they have scrutinized and understood the general conditions of the contract, and that they will timely fulfill their obligations accordingly.