We do worldwide shipping.

Production period depends on the dress.

Shiping takes 3- 5 days

In case you want to ship your order back to us, you should always contact someone within 24 hours of getting your order and ask for a return request.

We have sizes available from XS to XXXL

You should always contact one of our sales agents if you want any alternations done to the dress, beacuse it varies on the product.

Production varies on the dress.

Yes, dresses can be made in other colors; this will not affect the price.

We do not provide rentals!

Our dresses are produced with the highest quality of fabrics, therefore quality is something we assure.

Once our sales agents are free they will apply within a short time.

Yes, refer to the numbers on our website.

For try ons, you are welcome to visit our showrooms.

We only work within our creations!

Vlora&Kaltrina's production departmet takes care of all production processes.

In such cases you are advised to contact the support team within 24h of your order's arrival.

Please fill in the form on our website and we'll contact you!