The Designers

Though our designs are modern, our story is rooted in tradition. It began with Vjollca, a woman who always had a passion for design, at the age of 16 started creating dresses and other different garments, never giving up her work. After they were old enough, her daughters also learned to love and protect what their mother had started, with so much dedication and passion, and a lot of hard work.
Vlora and Kaltrina, the two daughters of Vjollca, grew up under the influence of the world of fashion. Ever since they were little they knew all about sketches, needles, pins and fabrics. The secret of joy in work for them was contained in one word -designing.
Vlora and Kaltrina found pleasure in sketching and coloring ideas that once only existed in their imagination. And as pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work, they grew up creating timeless designs that are truly one of a kind.
Masters of feminine yet elegant designs, their works feature unique and incredible details, ensuring our pieces are second to none. In each piece, be it fancy or simple, you can either see Vlora in some part, or Kaltrina in the others; but, their work is only complete if both of them are part of it, since although they are different they couldn’t be more similar.
Vlora&Kaltrina started their Academic Achievements in the Academy of Design, Design Factory; at the same time continuing their studies in the Faculty of Economic’s, Department of Marketing, becoming professionals in leading the company. Their natural talent, cultivated while helping their mother make different clothing, was recognized in 2013 when they were awarded “Best Albanian Creator” while still students at the Design Factory. Later on that year, they graduated with Honors in Fashion Design, adding another title in the book.
What set Vlora and Kaltrina apart in the market was the fact that they were two designers yet they functioned as one, two minds conscious of the same purpose. Heart to heart and hand in hand, our artists Vlora and Kaltrina are a crucial and preeminent part of the company. Vlora in one hand, who reflects positive energy to everyone that surrounds her and is an enthusiast about books, and Kaltrina on the other hand who’s very precise and loves numbers; however, they both have a mutual passion for traveling. They’re strong supporters of pacifism, having experienced war themselves, furthermore they are huge supporters of the empowerment of women worldwide.
Family is where it all starts for Vlora and Kaltrina. While they have succeeded in becoming great businesswomen and building a strong foundation for a successful brand, they are also dedicated mothers and their highest priority is their family. Their children are a constant source of inspiration, and as they say: “ Out of all collections, the greatest are our children”. As our company has its roots in tradition, we envision the company being passed to the next generation. Vlora’s first daughter, Reina, from a young age has been showing interest in Design and we are excited to witness the growth of the company throughout generations.
Vlora&Kaltrina’s sensational designs have been the guiding force behind their remarkable success. Behind this burgeoning brand stand two designers with a glorious sense of design and an unfailing eye for timeless elegance. Wholly dedicated to a design that is feminine yet elegant, as iconic as it is luxurious, Vlora&Kaltrina have created an enduring grandeur brand with a global reach.