The end-of-year is a season for love, joy and celebrations, and the season to let your hair
down, get glam and dress to impress. Whether you plan to dance around the Christmas tree,
drink ‘till you drop or party like a rock star, ONE thing is for sure; you need a dress! Even if
you have lived in pajamas for the majority of the year, end-of-year is the time for getting out
and about.
What you might choose to wear whether for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, says a lot about
you. One thing is clear, when you dress for yourself, your outfit will display your confidence.
In case you want to stand out from the crowd, you may want to work and invest on your
wardrobe. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look flattering, in fact, at V&K
we got the perfect range of dresses with excellent deals, that will make you turn heads. No
matter what your social calendar has in store these holidays, Vlora&Kaltrina has the perfect
outfit for every occasion.

“This is what Merry and Bright looks like”
If you want to look stylish, trendy and always timeless, why not go down the Red Featuring
Gloves Dress route? Especially if you want to portray that sultry, sexy style that goes down a
storm at a New Year’s Eve party. Don’t be afraid to head down this road, it’s one that you’ll
love if you get it right. Think an evening gown, off the shoulder with gloves, a beautiful
ribbon, full length, and figure hugging – just right so that it looks glorious without giving too
much away.

Red Be Thy Color
Nothing attracts attention like a red dress. Being the most dynamic and passionate color, red
symbolizes love, rage and courage. Demanding attention, red has a great emotional impact.
Red is the real color of rebirth, of new beginnings.
We’re suggesting you this glamorous red dress that features off the shoulder look, long
sleeves and a beautiful train. With its blood red and sparkling fabric, this dress is far from
ordinary, it gives out that sexy yet feminine feeling.


“It’s that heart of gold and stardust shine that makes you beautiful”
Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life? Especially when we’re talking about the end-of-
year holidays. This alluring dress will have you feeling yourself throughout the night, and if
you’re not afraid of shining the brightest and all eyes being on you, then you should definitely
go for this dress. Opulent detailing, rich fabrics and sweeping lines will set the tone of a
dramatic look. This dress will have you dancing like no one is watching, and best believe
you’ll be looking as pretty as a picture.


“Nothing attracts attention like a red two piece set”
You don’t have to go big and brash to make an impact, in fact a short two piece is the way to
go if you want to make the right impression. For the girls that want to sparkle the whole night
you are on the right track with this piece.The red fabric, above the knee length and feathers on
the sleeves are a mature choice looking just right, there’s a lot of impact with little outlay if
you head down this route.


“You’re my favorite present, like, ever”
Another holiday’s classic dress is that high neck, long sleeves with gloves and just above the
knees length; adding that beautiful ribbon on the front for maximum effect. If you want heads
to turn when you walk into the party, this is the one that will have the crowd amazed.