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Crafted from a nude-based fabric, it serves as a canvas for the artistry that unfolds upon its surface. A delicate interplay of black and silver beads, along with shimmering black crystals, adorns the fabric, creating a mesmerizing mosaic that sparkles with otherworldly allure. The dress features a daring deep V neckline, accentuated by lines of meticulously placed beads. A thigh-high slit adds a hint of allure, allowing glimpses of skin to peek through the celestial tapestry. Glamorous cape sleeves cascade from the shoulders, enveloping the arms with an ethereal embrace. Like the rest of the dress, they are adorned with the same intricate beadwork, creating an enchanting harmony of texture and movement. is undoubtedly the handmade 3D black flowers that adorn the shoulders, waistline, and the areas surrounding the slit. These exquisite blooms add a dimension of tactile beauty, their petals seemingly unfurling in a delicate dance against the backdrop of the dress.

Underlining for the dress will be provided.


Dry clean only.

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